Professional SMS

With an open rate of over 96%, SMS has become one of the preferred communication tools for businesses, both in the private and public sectors.

Carry out an SMS campaign:

Setting up an SMS campaign is quick, inexpensive and often comes with a great return on investment. Whether your mailing is intended for a limited number of contacts or for mass mailings, our team of specialists will find the solution that best suits your needs.

How to send PRO SMS with our platform?

The advantage is to offer you a fast and efficient method for sending SMS both via our online platform and via our API.

Sending SMS via our Platform

Sending your SMS from the internet has never been easier! Once your message has been written and your list of contacts downloaded, your SMS can be sent in two or three movements.

Sending SMS via our API

We have specially designed a selection of tools for you for sending SMS messages. Easily and quickly integrate our SMS API into your website.

Why choose the SMS message?

Communicate throughout the year.

Inform your target in real time.

Retain your customers over the long term.