SMS database rental

We offer database rental solutions worldwide, We also guarantee to be in compliance with GDPR regulations.

You want to launch an SMS campaign, but your database is not up to date

You can rent customer files targeted in your area of ​​activity for your bulk SMS sending:

More than 530 million opt-in mobile numbers to contact as many customers as possible

Many selection criteria available to target your potential customers Send SMS up to 2500 contacts / min with our platform.

The advantages of our databases:

Our team supports many companies from a wide variety of sectors on a daily basis: retail, finance / insurance, human resources, beauty, medical, IT…. These companies use texting on a daily basis in their marketing and transactional communications. Why consult us?


Our comprehensive database allows you to connect with over 15 million people around the world.


Sending SMS is more economical compared to other traditional communication methods.

Sales targets

Reach your sales goals, Send SMS to a larger audience to promote your products and services.

By sending bulk SMS – coupled with our database rental – gain market share and conquer new customers.